About Us

Milman Katz & Co. is one of Israel's leading boutique law firms active in the field of projects, industry, energy and construction. The firm provides comprehensive legal support for unique projects in Israel and around the world, with a special emphasis on emerging markets in Eastern European countries.

As part of its ongoing operations, the firm maintains daily working relations with corporations, entrepreneurs, businessmen and government officials in the target countries.

The firm provides legal services to some of large and well-known corporations in the Israeli market, including Baran Group Ltd, Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd, Tosaf Compounds Ltd, with respect to establishing of local and international projects from the initiation phase, representation in tenders and financial closings, up to establishing the project and overseeing its ongoing operations.

Among other activities, the firm is involved in the management and accompaniment of large-scale international projects, complex real estate transactions, intricate tenders, accompanying companies and business ventures and managing complex commercial disputes.

In order to assist the firm's clients to reach their business objectives, the firm's partners have adopted a results-driven business and commercial approach, prioritizing the closing of complex transactions while insisting on the client's specific interests, separating and prioritizing what is essential to the client. This approach is highly beneficial for the client and allows them to save valuable time and costs.

As part of the firm's widespread activities, it has accumulated valuable knowledge in how to establish projects in the field of energy and infrastructures, especially in Israel and countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.

The success of the firm is attributed to its meticulous approach, its insistence on understanding the smallest details of every project, while maintaining a holistic view of the project's needs, including a keen insight of the business aspects of the projects, alongside its legal aspects, as well as a deep-seeded familiarity with the trends in the local markets of the target regions.

The firm's partners have accumulated vast experience in managing relationships with authorities and various statutory and regulatory entities in varying countries, as well as collaborating with local attorneys, tax consultants and accountants, managing engagements and relations with information and technology suppliers and local contractors, and initiating valuable business connections with key players.

The firm’s copious experience, coupled with a broad network of connections and associates, proves itself to be a continuous asset and an inseparable part of the success of the projects it oversees.

Milman Katz & Co espouses a client-centered approach, working from a deep understanding that the client's needs are always a priority, while tailoring the most suitable legal advice for each and every transaction, always ensuring the success of the transaction (“deal maker”).

The firm's partners, formerly senior legal counsels to a leading international projects company, are accustomed to taking into account their client's needs, in light of the commercial, business and economic aspects of the transactions.

The firm's partners are characterized by their "out-of-the-box" creative manner of thinking, paired with an intelligent use of unique legal tools, used in unison to fulfil their clients' business objectives.